A Creepy House

A necklace goes missing. Not just any necklace, a magical one. There’s a strange house at the end of the street, occupied by a mysterious old lady. Could it be in there? Join Le Petit Artiste on their spine chilling adventure to find the magical necklace. Written by the children of York, this original piece follows a series of workshops held as part of the summer Reading Challenge ‘Creepy House’ ran at York Explore Libraries.



Red cherries and sugar coated lemons,

Whispers of innocence mixed with slices of melons,

Orange juice cartons and pieces of bread,

Out till sunset and then straight to bed.

Chalk drawn stories of loves long gone

Wearing shoes to big and trousers too long.

Old friends and new, trusted the same,

diamonds of dew, and droplets of rain.

gymnastic balls, elastic and ribbon,

Out in the garden when you’re just barely seven.


For Ruby

Ruby and Nic.

As time ticks hands entwine and combined we are love.

With racing lives we pace, yet place time aside and combined we are love.

With whispers of adventure in the wind, two voices that represent the choices we make.

Both at the same pitch.

Four hands itch at our complete, scratch at our infinite whole.

It’s just the beginning with hands that link, with two thinking minds, we are love.

With two smiles, two frowns, downs and ups, ins, outs and insides out I see you. Whole

With time ticking on our side and freedom in mind we linger to an inevitable leap. Of trust and hope and envelopes of folded promises we try to keep.

Promises to fly together and try forever 
Promises Representing Our Love.

Connecting us to the ground

Nourishing and Balancing and Dancing.

Our love. Supporting, cavorting, were Dancing and we never stop. We are love.

we Dance with our hands. We Dance with our words

We Dance on a chance, dance on a chair, dance with your hair…
we Dance and we never stop. We are love.

Dancing. Our love. 
Connecting us to the earth.

Nourishing and Balancing.

Together we won’t ever stop dancing. 
And as time ticks hands entwine and combined you are love.